The eyeball of the human is round, when the patient faces the eye cataract, the eyeball becomes curved. This condition is referred to as astigmatism. In astigmatism, instead of a round-ball, the eyeball adopts the shape of a football. In this form, only a part may focus on the light. Astigmatism may happen with myopia or hyperopia. It is also investigated that astigmatism maybe got worse with old age as the eyelid may put pressure on the eyeball due to the loss in muscle tone. Astigmatism is cured by glasses, laser, or surgery.

Vector Planning For Hyperopic Astigmatism:

The vector planning for hyperopic astigmatism is associated with the spherical correction. It is associated with the refractive, and corneal value during treatment. The measurement between the refractive, and corneal value is done by the ocular residual astigmatism (ORA). It investigated the ratio of remaining astigmatism potential. The vector planning for hyperopic astigmatism is investigated by the SPHERO-cylindrical values for pre-surgery measurements. The topography of hyperopic astigmatism is measured by the Target Induced Astigmatism (TIA) vector. The treatment for the vector planning for hyperopic astigmatism is 1.11 D, ablation of 165 degrees is noticed.

Flat Corneal Meridian:

ORTHOKERATOLOGY, which is also referred to as the OK, is associated with the flat corneal meridian. The flat corneal meridian proffers services regarding the treatment of myopia. The treatment is done by the implementation of contact lenses that is aimed to reshape the cornea of the eye. The doctors recommended that wearing the lenses at night for at least 6 hours can facilitate eye vision, and restrict myopia. The OK lenses remodel the flat corneal meridian and improved the vision. This treatment preserves the man from surgery.

Steep Corneal Meridian:

Before operating the eye, the doctors, and the professionals performed the steep corneal meridian. The steep corneal meridian is the investigation of the total axis misalignment. In operation, the IGS examined the misalignment, by the reference of the marking areas under surgical process. The successful operation depends on the difference between the steep corneal meridian that is calculated before and after the eye operation.

Incision Flattening TORIC:

Cataract surgery is one of the most common diseases of the eye. This may cause at the older ages. Sometimes the astigmatism patient may also face cataract surgery. To treat cataract surgery, the accurate measurement of the incision flattening TORIC is requisite. Neatly 30% of people have to correct dogmatism before cataract surgery. The incision flattening TORICpromotes the corneal surface so that vision is clear for the doctors as it is the preparation of a pre-operation procedure.

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