You may have already signed deals with your cosmetic surgeon, and scheduled your surgery to remove those wrinkles on your face and give it a good life, so here are some tips to help you out to know more on pre and post-surgery. 

    • Before this Bangkok plastic surgery, make sure that you are fee from any sort of medicine that contains aspirin and any medicine that contains compounds of the aspirin. Also keep away from any herbs that may thin blood and any kind of vitamins as well. Your surgeon will give you a list of things/ medications you should stay away from with a date to discontinue them. 
    • Make sure to have you bed prepared with a couple of pillows to help you sleep lifted. Also, make sure you have someone with you to take care of you with in the first 48 hours once the surgery is done, to help you take your medicines in time and help you with other things. 
    • Of course, while the swelling and the pain are factors that indicates that you are healing you may also want to ask your doctor about supplements like Bromlain which will help you reduce the swelling and talking to the doctor about icing the area as well. 
    • Wear something that is comfortable. You may want to feel completely relaxed to the surgery and before that when you are going for the check-ups. I suggest that you wear something that you can open up from the front than remove from your head. 
    • You may want to purchase some hairpins to remove all hair from you face when you are applying ointments and cleaning solutions on. Because the last thing you ever want is to have you hair get in the way of it. 
    • As for after surgery, do remember that rest is important. Do not, I repeat, do not do any sort of work that require heavy labour. You spend so much on that facelift Thailand, so give it time to heal and get that result you deserve. 
    • Always stay hydrated. You need to have the adequate amount of water to your body and face to help you gain speedy recovery. 
    • Remember those couple of pillows I told you to keep on your bed? Well, here’s the time to use it. Sleep with you face lifted. This will actually help you heal well. 
    • Ask your surgeon when you should take a shower or wash your hair. Different surgeons may have different opinions on it. So make sure to ask your surgeon. 

Well, that’s about it. Hope these help you get some good knowledge on this.