physiotherapist is a professional who is trained and educated in a way that he is well aware of how he is supposed to get the work done at any massage parlor, there are sports physiotherapies, there are remedial massages and many other types that are all handled by a physiotherapist so that they can get the sports injuries fixed, recovered, or not affect the person so much since they have been taking these physiotherapies in that case. However, one may even say that these are the professionals that help the people to gain a lot of mobility and physical ability to help them in their daily lives for that matter.  

When a physiotherapist is given a new patient, the first thing that he does is taking the history of that person. He would see, through a physical examination, how the patient is performing and according to that he would take out a plan of the treatment of that very patient in this case.  

The physiotherapist helps their patients by massaging them so that they can get rid of the pain they have in their muscles, any tension that is in the muscles can also be handled with a proper physiotherapy in this scenario. There are sports physiotherapists that help these athletes do such exercises that would help them in improving their weak areas so that they would be able to walk, jog, run and climb in a better way now. there are different sports therapies that include preparing the athletes in a way that they would not get hurt a lot after they have the therapies regularly since they would be rather more physically flexible and avoid or prevent any such injuries on their part then.  

There is neurological physiotherapist too, these are the ones that handle the disorders in the nervous systems. These are the disorders such as spinal cord injuries, any injuries including brain and such stuff. There is cardiac physiotherapist too, they deal with bronchitis and asthma too, many people get these physiotherapists to offer a massage that would help them overcome or at least reduce the problem of asthma that they are facing quite often.  

The role of a best physiotherapist in Canberra is not only in the clinic where he would perform his duty and give treatments and massages to the people, but after or before that when people are unaware of what they should do and how they shall handle a tricky situation, these physiotherapists are the ones that provide them with different advises so that they can help these people in avoiding any kind of injuries and also helping them in leading a rather healthy life compared to what they live then.